Бытовые точильные камни

Double-sided whetstone, 360# & 600#

модель : TG0831
Размеры продукции : 180*87*36mm
Вес продукции : 272g
Материал лезвия : Diamond
Способ упаковки : Color box
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Product features:

1. Excellent sharpening performance.

2. Double sided diamond design as 360Grit for coarse sharpening & 600Grit for fine honing.

3. Clear plastic cover protects the stone, molded plastic base with non-slip feet for safety.

4. Oval hole design to collect and hold metal chippings.






Product instruction:

1. Place the stone on a non-slip worktop and make sure the surface is flat. 

2. Complete one or both of the following steps depending on how blunt the blades is. 

Step1, for coarse sharpening: Used to repair badly damaged blade, suitable for a blunter knife. Start by using the coarse 360 grit of the stone, move the blade back and forth over the stone atan angle of 10 - 30 ° by using light pressure. Generally sharpen the tools with coarse stage every six months or as required. 

Step 2, for fine honing; always finish off with this step to remove any burrs that result from the re-edging and rough honing process. Using the 600 grit of the stone, move the blade back and forth over the stone at an angle of 10 -30 ° by using gentle pressure. It is recommended to do it approximately once a week. 

3. Clean the knife with the water or wiper and dry it after use and clean the knife sharpener with banister brush.







1. Do not use the knife sharpener to sharpen serrated blades. 

2. It would be much better to use with sharpening oil or water.

3. The diamond may discolor. This is normal.

4. Please don’t put sharpener in dishwasher or Water.

5. Please put the knife sharpener and knife beyond 5. Please put the knife sharpener and knife beyond.

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