Congratulations TAIDEA Passed SA8000 Certification

2014-07-30 Marketing 3

TAIDEA was passed SA8000 Certification last week. SA8000 short for Social Accountability 8000. the world's first international ethical standards. Its purpose is to ensure that suppliers of products are in compliance with the requirements of social responsibility standards.

Development of the times makes people focus on culture to an unprecedented height, Europe and the United States has entered a period of extensive knowledge of SA8000, so more and more US and European markets use SA8000 standard to examine export products and export enterprises in developing countries.

TAIDEA company implementing SA8000 social responsibility standard has many benefits, such as decrease the second party audit from foreign customers to suppliers, save costs. Secondly, TAIDEA will have a greater degree of compliance with local regulatory requirement. Thirdly, TAIDEA can establish international credibility. Fourthly, make the customers create the positive emotion to TAIDEA products. Fifthly, SA8000 enable our partners to establish long-term confidence with us in the business.

This is the important stage to show our corporate image to our customers and potential customers. TAIDEA is your best choice. Let promote Social Accountability 8000, build the harmonious labor relationship.