TAIDEA attended 2015 Russia Autumn show

2015-09-23 Marketing 15

On 18th September, 2015, congratulation that TAIDEA general manger and the trade colleagues attended to HouseHold Expo 2015 in Moscow, Russia for 8 days. This Russian trip was cooperated with Guangdong Commerce Bureau to focus on deeply maintaining the Russian market.

There are two highlights in the show:

First of all, this is the first time that we attended the Russian show about household appliances and household items which the results were surpassed the expectation. Based on the Russia winter show Taidea attended in January 2015, Taidea should drive and expand the Russian market dynamicly. Attended the show, Taidea not only gather lots of kitchen items customer information, but also benefit for Taidea establish the Taidea brands in the Russia market.


Secondly, TAIDEA general manager went to Russia visit customers by himself. Every discussion, he has an insight into customers’ requirements and expressed that Taidea will through the difficult time with all of our customers no matter of Russia economic downturn or any weak environment.


Russia market is the success cornerstones of Taidea’s global market; we will try our best to service all of our customers and use our high-quality products to return to the customers. Taidea’s determination is to become a global leader brand in professional abrasive tools, as well as a world-class solutions supplier of industrial process.