The 122nd Canton Fair

2018-11-01 Marketing 44

The 122nd Canton Fair was opened at Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center, on October 15th,2017. TAIDEA, which as the professional knife sharpeners manufacturer attended this Canton Fair. This was the 18 times TAIDEA attended the Canton Fair. We showed TAIDEA brands of GRINDER, YACOO, YOYAL and V-SAN products at the booth. And specially, TAIDEA firstly new products of ACOO, YOYAL , PROSHORP and V-SAN at the booth.

This Canton Fair we pay more efforts to Tool Exhibition and Kitchen Exhibition.

At Tool Exhibition, TAIDEA showed TY1709 and TY1710 at the booth, the new products of YOYAL and YACCO. With exquisite designs and characteristics, TY1709 and TY1710 caught lots customers’ eyes.

This Canton Fair TAIDEA didn’t attend the Appliance Exhibition, while we pay more efforts to Kitchen Exhibition. We applied a special booth. This was the first time we used a special booth. Besides, all the material at the booth are green and environment friendly material. Specially, we set a big TV screen at the booth, which showed TAIDEA enterprise culture, knife sharpener products and sharpening guide. It caught many customers to stop for inquiry. This special booth is bigger than the standard booth. What’s more, the fancy decorating and good quality products help new customers and regular customers know more about our TAIDEA enterprise cultures and products.

At the Kitchen Exhibition, we brought the new whetstones of V-SAN and PROSHORP. Their special whetstone base and water filler designs earn lots customers’ compliments.

This Canton Fair meets new customers from all over the world. They are from America, Russia, German, UK, etc...And we have further communication with regular customers. Also this platform promotes our brand advantages and product features to new customers. High-quality products have been recognized by the buyers. In the future, our company will continue to strive to raise product popularity in the international and domestic markets and create more innovative sales patterns. At the same time, TAIDEA will continue to enhance the independent research and development capacity. Keep up with world trend, and devote ourselves to become an excellent global brand leader of sharpening materials and molds, and a world-class provider of grinding.

Thank you for coming, we look forward to seeing you at the Spring Canton Fair of 2018.