In 2019, the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany ended successfully

2019-07-01 15:47:09 taidi 106

February 2019, Frankfurt, Germany - The annual Ambiente exhibition, TAIDEA arrived as scheduled, and a number of new products on stage, revealing the trend of kitchen sharpeners in 2019.微信图片_20190321143040.jpg

The annual Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany is the most important exhibition in the global consumer goods industry. According to statistics, 4,688 exhibitors from 81 countries participated in the exhibition this year, and the number of exhibitors and visitors continued to grow and the degree of internationalization continued to rise. In 2013, the number of Ambiente audiences increased significantly, with more than 140,000 industry insiders coming to visit. TAIDEA has won a lot of foreign merchants and customers in the exhibition.微信图片_20190321144223.jpg

Following this Ambiente, our company also hopes to show its design declaration and brand value through the exhibition. This year, we have displayed more than 60 products under the six brands ofVSANGRINDERYACOOYOYALPROSHORP” and ROYSHA.微信图片_20190321144235.jpg微信图片_20190321144232.jpg

Under the vision of “becoming a global leader in abrasive and civil abrasives and a world-class grinding process solution provider”, our company constantly understands market demand and international development trends, and reinvents the information resources brought back by the exhibition. Strive to create products that are more adaptable to the modern market and bring continuous technological breakthroughs to recreate surprises in the next international exhibition.