2019 Russian Household expo was a complete success

2019-03-12 11:16:35 taidi 123

February 27, 2019, Moscow, Russia, the annual Russian Houseexpo exhibition, with new products and star products, TAIDEA is coming.

The Russian Home Appliances and Housewares Exhibition is exhibited at the largest and most modern Crocus Expo in Eastern Europe. It is an international exhibition for household goods and the only professional exhibition of household goods in Russia. The exhibition is strongly supported by the Russian Crafts Association and the Eurasian Commodities Association. The annual target is directed at Russia's largest household goods manufacturer and wholesaler, providing a high-quality international trade platform for exhibiting companies from all over the world, showing the global market. Industry level and trend.

TAIDEA presents its brand culture, design philosophy and product features in the Russian Household expo. This year, we have displayed more than 60 products under the six brands of VSAN, GRINDER, YACOO, YOYAL, PROSHORPand ROYSHA.

Under the vision of becoming a global leader in abrasive and civil abrasives and a world-class grinding process solution provider, our company constantly understands market demand and international development trends, and reinvents the information resources brought back by the exhibition. Strive to create products that are more adaptable to the modern market and bring continuous technological breakthroughs to recreate surprises in the next international exhibition.