Congratulations TAIDEA Whetstones got the SGS Certification

2014-04-22 19:25:32 Marketing 2

All of TAIDEA self-made whetstones passed the SGS testing on 5th March, 2014. That means our quality won the approval of SGS team and will be recognized by the international market too. It greatly improves the international influence of our whetstones.

As we know, the grit no. of whetstone market is confused in the world but Japanese. Most of the grit no. of the whetstones is false. Some suppliers fake a high grit no. to obtain the high profits and some suppliers judge the grit no. only by the hand feeling. Customers often found roughness for the same grit no. are different if from different suppliers.

The grit no. we certified are 120grit, 180grit, 240grit, 400grit, 600grit, 1000grit, 1500grit, 2000grit and 3000grit. Totally 9 grit no. including coarse, medium, fine and super fine whetstones. We are the first supplier to apply the certification to make our grit no. in a real way. This is an important milestone for the whetstone industry and makes us more strengthened the determination to develop the international market.