Best wishes in the Mid-Autumn Festival

2014-09-05 19:18:28 HR 47

The Middle-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and it is held in 8th September 2014.  During the festival, family members get united and have moon cakes together. There are various tastes of moon cakes in this new age. The shape of a moon cake is round as it symbolizes a big moon.  Moreover, in the evening of the Middle-Autumn Festival, people get together in a vacant place, eating delicious moon cakes while appreciating the beautiful moon hanging in the dark sky.  To conclude, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a very meaningful festival for Chinese people.

 For the special day, Taidea sent out the moon cakes and E-card to our customers to convey our best with to them. In that day, we wish to celebrate with in the same sky, no matter how far we are.


HAPPY Mid-autumn Festival 


You and your family

Hope that share this moment with you family together

Taidea Tech(Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd