Happy Birthday to Taidea -the 9th Anniversary

2019-06-19 16:20:35 HR 115

17th April, 2015, Happy Birthday to Taidea.

Taidea, the road to become a global leader of world-class solutions supplier of industrial grinding process is stepping further.

9 years, it is the time to recall the past of struggle journey and looking forward to the moving the footstep of the future. Summary and Programmer will be better for Taidea’s development.

Meanwhile, Taidea is deepening reform to the company culture, holding the cultural actives of Debate Competition, Knowledge Competition, Essay Competition, Painting and Calligraphy Competition and so forth. All of them are enrich the staff’s mental development and decompression.

The first round debate competition was begun on 11th May. Up to now, it is the third round opened by R&D department and overseas sale department based on the topic on “outstanding staffs building the first-class manufacturer” or “the first-class manufacturer generating outstanding staffs”. Which one you would prefer?

After a plenty of preparation, two departments showed us an exciting contention of mouth and tongue. The debaters proof the possible of their arguments repeatedly and the audiences off the stage are tensely watching the game with never overlook a mistake.

Who won the game? You guess, but it is important? No matter who won as last, the idea that Taidea wants to organize the staff to know about the company culture systematically and promote the communication between the staffs at the same time. Wish the rest competitions end successfully.

Let us propose a toast together to Taidea, blessing that strength to strength.