Moon cake September, Happy Gathering

2015-10-21 18:24:12 HR 42

Happy Chinese Mid-autumn Festival to all.

Taidea here wishes you career and life as it phases of the Mid-Autumn Festival, bright, bright and festive!

Such a meaningful festival for Chinese, we would like celebrate with our friends and family on the Lunar 15th August(September 27, 2015). Taidea had prepared Moon cake to our value customers and staffs. In these two days, Taidea staffs are busy for preparing the Moon cake, greeting card and send them off. We are in earnest hoping the receivers will love it. Meanwhile, we sorry that we can not share the moon cake with our foreign friends for the moon cake is forbidden by the customs. Even thought we can not share the moon cake at that date, we can share the same moon in the beautiful sky and best wishes to you.

In order to rise up the interests of Taidea members, Taidea hold up a Mid-festival Party for us. The event starts at evening. We barbecue, singing and paying games, everyone enjoyed the moment. No matter where you are, Taidea always about you.