2016 IWA & Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg ——TAIDEA showing up with force

2019-06-19 16:18:36 taidi 90

March 7th, 2016, Germany. IWA &Outdoor Classics, the world-renowned exhibition of hunting, shooting, outdoor and personal protective equipment, has come to a successful closed at Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany. Since its first exhibition in 1973, it has a history of more than 40 years. Currently, it has become the largest professional exhibition in the outdoor equipment industry of the world.


After years of efforts and the assistance of European agency, TAIDEA has applied for a booth in the knife exhibition hall successfully by own. The knife exhibition hall showed us the world famous outdoor knife and knife sharpener brands mainly from Europe, America and Japan, such as VICTORINOX, GERBER, BOKER, LANSKY, DMT, ACCUSHARP and so on. TAIDEA’s successful application has also largely raised the corporate and brand image. 


From March 4th to 7th, 2016, as the unremitting efforts of TAIDEA exhibitor representatives and agencies, the four days’ exhibition has welcomed nearly 200 regular and new customers and has achieved far more than expected. The brand of TAIDEA “Yue Ye” made the first appearance as a Chinese knife sharpener brand. Given the unique design, high quality products and distinct brand image, “Yue Ye” has rapidly mounted to a big heat in knife sharpener industry.


It is more a trip of achievement than a feast in its industry. During the exhibition, we have taken the valuable advises of dealers and outdoor enthusiasts, and made profound communication with the counterparts so as to jointly appreciate the latest market information that the international brands brought. However, we know that our brand is still young and keenly aware the gap between TAIDEA and other international brands, we will continue to promote our management system, meet the market demand rationally, speed up branding and strive for the world class brand.