Thirsty for knowledge, be thankful for TAIDEA

2019-06-26 HR 32

Six overseas sale staff of TAIDEA attended the Alibaba training “Running, Salesmen” in June, in order to improve their business skills, enhance their competitiveness and fighting capacity.

The trainees came from different companies, they did not know each other before but they were a team in this time. Six overseas sale staff of TAIDEA were divided into different groups for compete. They all have the goals that they need to use the best state to absorb more knowledge, improve themselves to bring the great benefit to the companies.

Recognize your goals, move forward with courageous. Lecturer Miya shared her extensive experience to explain the important of the career planning. The trainees found their dream and determine their short-term goals in this wonderful speech.

Paradigm shift, improve efficiency. Alibaba popular Egypt lecturer Mark stressed that the trainees need to keep think outside the box and be a divergent thinking salesmen at all times maintain a topic with clients. There were too many courses, everyone put 100% spirit to learn and shared the experience in this three days Alibaba training.

Six overseas sale staff of TAIDEA success to finished the training course and got the excellent results, thanks for TAIDEA overseas sale manager Angela witnessed the growth of them and attend their graduation ceremony from the Alibaba training.